How to use Crumms:

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  2.        Heroes

  3.     Productivity

  4.   Treasure Hunts

  5.       Education



We all know the story: Hansel and Gretel left themselves crumbs to find their way back home. It didn't really work out all that well for them but what if those crumbs were connected to the internet? They probably would have been harder for birds to eat, for one, and other people could potentially find them. Anyone would be able to get in on that sweet edible house action. 

What if these crumbs could send an alert to anyone's phone in the area?

People would know that the service at the house isn't exactly friendly and the owner is a little weird, should they happen upon a house made of food and not know what to think.

What if their friends got alerts whenever a crumb was dropped? 

What if you wanted to follow the exact path Hansel and Gretel did? 

What if we all had an app called breadcrumm?